Monday, October 10, 2016

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

Are you getting excited for the 2017 total solar eclipse set to sweep across the continental United States?  I sure am!  This is the first total solar eclipse to touch the United States since 1979!  That's 38 years between solar eclipses in the U.S.!  Wow!  So where do you need to be to observe this eclipse?

If you are between those two blue lines you'll be in the path of totality.  Outside that path you'll see a partial eclipse.  I anticipate making a trek to the Kentucky/Tennessee area on August 21, 2017.  No way I'm going to miss this opportunity!!!  Looking at the map you need to be in the correct place at the correct time.  Make a mistake on the location and you have no time to move.  The path of the Moon's shadow on Earth moves very quickly.  The total eclipse will last less than 3 minutes at any given location!  Thirty eight years since the last one and this one only lasts 3 minutes!  Wow!

If you're anywhere near that path, take time to maneuver your way into it because it will be well worth it!!!

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