Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Making Geodes

Several months ago my 9 year old received a geode making kit for her birthday and last month we had a free day to open it up and mess around with it.

First of all, what is a geode?  A geode is a rock with a hollow inside that contains crystal formations.  Given that, this kit does not make actual geodes.  It makes geode-looking crystals in a rock-looking plastic shell.  :-)  Nonetheless, it was interesting.  It takes a few hours sitting in a liquid chemical mixture, so you don't create the geode looking structure immediately.  We let ours set overnight and the next morning found this.

Not as impressive or colorful as the box shows, but nonetheless, an interesting science kit that cost about $10.  It gave us something cool to do on a free weekend day.  Did I just say free weekend day?  There are very few of those!!!  And when there are, we do science experiments!  :-)  Here's the link to this same geode kit on Amazon.

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