Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My 7 Year Old Teaches Science to my 4 Year Old

The other night at dinner my wife and I were making iced tea.  We heated up a container of water, placed the tea bags in, and sat it on the table.  While eating dinner, my 4 year old asks "Mommy, why is there smoke coming out of the tea?"  My 7 year old responds "that's not smoke, it's tiny water droplets."

It took me a moment to realize that she was teaching my 4 year old science.  She was absolutely right.  We think of steam as a gas, but it's not.  The iced tea is evaporating into the air, but as it evaporates into a gas, the gas cools and condenses back into tiny water droplets.  The water droplets take on a cloud, or in this case, smoke type of an appearance.

This was a proud science Daddy moment!

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