Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The S-E-X Picture Frame

The other day at lunch we're all sitting down at the table eating when my wife leans over and asks me, "why does that picture frame say sex on it?"  Um...I looked over and sure enough, there's the word sex.  The picture frame in question, seen below, is a frame the girls made on Halloween with some of their friends.  This particular frame was made by my 4 year old with, gulp, help from me!

My 4 year old was asking me to help her spell certain Halloween related words.  She started with boo, followed by ghost, then cow (because I was a cow for Halloween), and then moo.  I helped her pick out the letters and she stuck them to the frame.  Then I went off to get ready for trick or treating and she finished the frame with random letters.  Several weeks later we noticed that she spelled sex, with a backwards 'e'.  :-)  

Yep, some great parenting going on here.  :-)

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