Thursday, August 20, 2015

New School Year

August is here meaning my daughters are off to another year of school.  My 8 year old started third grade earlier this month and my 5 year old started kindergarten.  Both were super excited to start school, especially my 5 year old.  She's watched her big sister get on the school bus for 3 years and has patiently been waiting her turn to ride the bus!  She had a huge smile on her face in the morning too!

Each year I take a picture of my daughters holding a sign for their grade. When they graduate I'll put together a picture of each year they started school to visually see their progression.

August always reminds my wife and I that our girls are getting older and they are no longer the little babies we rocked in our arms.  One on end it is a bit sad, but on the other hand it is such a joy watching them grow and take on new challenges.  It's just a reminder to enjoy each day and live in the moment because the moment passes by very quickly!

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