Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sock in Shorts with Eyes!

When you have little kids, you never know what you're going to find around the house, in your car, in their backpacks, and in the pocket of your shorts.  And when I say pocket of your shorts, I literally mean pocket of your shorts!  We went to see Shaun the Sheep (great movie BTW) and afterwards we went out for lunch.  When I grabbed my wallet out of my shorts pocket, out came this:

So, yes, as I'm paying I pull this out of my pocket with my wallet.  What the heck?  It's a kids sized sock with eyeballs glued on.  I have no idea how this ended up in my shorts pocket.  Obviously one of my kids put it in there, but I have no recollection of this!  Or maybe my kids didn't put this in my shorts pocket.  Maybe, just maybe, this is what happens to socks that mysteriously disappear in the washer and/or dryer!!!  Just a thought!  LOL!  Kids can frustrate their parents at times, but as a parent who has been frustrated by his daughters many times, it's moments like this that erase all of those frustrations.  All I could do was smile, laugh, put the sock back in my pocket and hand the credit card to the server.  :-)

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