Monday, August 3, 2015

The Mold Experiment

Several weeks ago my daughters and I setup a mold growing experiment.  We took canning jars and placed a food item in each jar.  Then we sealed the jars and waited.  Here's what we started with:

We put a couple of strawberries in one jar, a slice of wheat bread in a second, a few scoops of vanilla yogurt in a third, and a chunk of cheese in a fourth jar.  After a week there was no difference.  No mold and very little decomposition of the food.  So we waited longer.  During the wait we left for Ireland.  We came back and started seeing some mold growth.  A full 4-5 weeks later we ended the experiment.  Here were the results, starting with the strawberries.

No mold grew on the strawberries, but they slowly liquefied.  Cool!  

That's not mozzarella cheese!  That's a piece of yellow cheese completely covered in white mold!  Wow!!!

The yogurt developed a few spots of mold and probably smelled horrible, but we held our breath when opening it!

And finally the bread.  Nothing!  The bread smelled the same and looked the same.  It even felt like a normal piece of bread.  Interesting!

So that was our mold experiment.  Try it out at home and experiment with different food items!  The results may surprise you and even if they don't, a mold covered piece of cheese is still pretty cool!

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