Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Good Dinosaur - Trailer

As a family we've recently gone to the movie theater to see Inside Out and Minions, both great movies!  Before each movie was the trailer for Disney Pixar's upcoming The Good Dinosaur.  

Let me be clear.  The movie looks interesting and if my kids want to see it, we'll go see it.  The trailer, however, bothers me.  The basic plot asks what would have happened had the asteroid that struck Earth and led to the extinction of the dinosaurs never happened?  What if the asteroid zoomed by Earth and missed?  This is shown in the trailer, but the trailer begins by showing this asteroid belt PACKED with asteroids bouncing into each other.  Um...NO!  That is NOT the asteroid belt.  Although the asteroid belt is certainly a region of asteroids orbiting the Earth, it is still very empty.  There are, on average, millions of miles between two distinct asteroids.  The trailer pushes the misconception the asteroid belt is full of asteroids bouncing against each other.  SMH!  :-)

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