Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dihydrogen Monoxide

Today I have a meme to share.  Too often people are scared of eating foods with ingredients they can't pronounce, as if the length or spelling of the word has anything to do with one's health.  Food is a chemical.  To say a food is chemical free is to say the food is invisible and doesn't exist.  All food is a combination of chemicals.  Some chemicals are easy to pronounce.  Water is a great example of this.  Water is perfectly safe, right?  Nope!  For starters, you can drown in water.  Less well known is that drinking too much water too fast also kills you.  Arsenic is not difficult to pronounce either, but it, like water, can be deadly.

Let's move on to an apple.  An apple is not simply an apple.  An apple is composed of many different chemicals.  One such chemical is tocopherol.  That's a more difficult word to pronounce.  Must be bad for you then.  If the word is too long and unpronounceable, it should never go in a human body, right?  WRONG!  Tocopherol is a natural chemical in apples.  It's perfectly safe for you to eat an apple and therefore ingest tocopherol.

Let's go back to water and get to the meme I said I was sharing.

Water is H2O and thus called dihydrogen monoxide.  Maybe this meme seems silly and stupid to you, but this is the argument too many health "activists" promote.  They claim complicated sounding ingredients are bad.  They claim too many ingredients are bad.  There's no science to back this up and it is simply WRONG!  Spelling has no role in the safety of food.  Don't be scared by what you don't understand.  If you don't understand something, research it!  

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