Thursday, September 24, 2015

Elementary School Book Club

Something cool and exciting just happened to my 8 year old.  Her school is starting an after school book club once a month.  Once we received the announcement she was super excited.  Fortunately it didn't conflict with her soccer schedule so we didn't have to worry about working out schedules.  Kids receive a book list and are reading 4 books over the next 4 months.  Each month a book will be discussed.  I'm not exactly sure how the discussion will go, but my daughter is super excited and I'm excited that she's excited!

Prior to this book club our daughter and a close friend have had their own unofficial book club days where they get together, read a few shorter books, and discuss.  They started this all on their own and both are excited for an official book club to start.  As a parent, I encourage all parents to sign your kids up for book clubs if there is one offered at your school or local library.  

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