Wednesday, September 23, 2015


We've all seen images (or with our own eyes) of something in the sky that we can't explain.  By definition this is a UFO.  UFO stands for unidentifiable object.  A UFO is not an alien spaceship.  It simply means there's an object that can't be explained at the current time.  Nearly all of the disc shaped images of "flying saucers" are hoaxes and been proven as hoaxes.  Those that aren't explained are by no means an alien spaceship.  It's greater than a 0% chance they are the real thing, but that chance is extremely close to 0.  They are most certainly hoaxes or have a natural explanation that doesn't involve aliens.  Take the picture below, for example.

It's sort of disc shaped and shiny.  It's too big to be a plane moving across the sky and too high in the sky to be a radio tower light of any kind.  So what is it?  It's a picture I took of the moon one morning as the sun was rising using my crappy cellphone camera.  Yet it looks quite odd.  It doesn't look like the moon.

The point here is that it's easy to find UFOs in the sky.  However, take a moment to ask a few questions before jumping to conclusions.  You may very well find a natural explanation.  Even if you don't, there's still a likely natural explanation.  Don't jump to conclusions and claim this is a government cover-up of aliens taking over the Earth.  It's not.  It's simply something you don't have enough evidence at the time to explain.  For more information, here's a great site discussing many of the greatest UFO hoaxes of all time.

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