Monday, September 28, 2015

Last Night's Lunar Eclipse

I hope you had the chance to view last night's total lunar eclipse.  For most of the day I was convinced it would remain cloudy and it was at the start of the partial portion of the eclipse.  I went back out about 15 minutes before totality to check and the moon had appeared.  The clouds were breaking up just in time!  I didn't have a telescope with me but I did manage a few shots with our camera.

The first image was taken about 15 minutes before totality and the last was about 10 minutes in to totality.  There are many better pictures out there, but I was satisfied with what our camera captured.  The last one is pretty good in my opinion.

If you missed the lunar eclipse, don't worry, there will be others, although the next total lunar eclipse to cover the United States isn't until January 2019.  

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