Thursday, December 3, 2015

Holiday Science Gift Ideas for Kids

The holiday season is upon us and for many of us that means buying gifts for our kids, family, and friends.  Gift buying can be difficult because it is not always clear what gift to buy someone.  If you have kids, I encourage you to do a web search for science gift ideas for kids.  Here's one such science activity website that packages and sells science related gifts.

Steve Spangler Science Gift Ideas

There are plenty of other websites to find gift ideas as well.  I ask you, however, to be very careful about basing science related gifts on gender.  When I did a search I found several websites offering science gift ideas for boys, but not girls.  A few offered science gift ideas for girls.  There is no such thing as a science gift for boys or a science gift for girls.  There are science gifts, plain and simple.  A science gift is a great gift for BOTH boys and girls.

You can make your own choice, but any distributor of science gifts for kids that separates gifts for boys and girls is a distributor that won't see my money.  Science doesn't care what gender you are and neither should you when purchasing a science gift for a child.

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