Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Parent Parenting Mistakes

Every new parent makes mistakes.  That's to be expected.  Heck, even veteran parents make mistakes!  I saw the article below on Web MD that lists the 10 mistakes new parents make.  A few of these my wife and I knew before becoming parents and were able to make adjustments, but a few still happened.

10 Mistakes New Parents Make

Number 1 on the list was panicking over anything and everything.  Yep!  Did that!  Even knowing that there's no need to panic probably wouldn't have changed anything for me.  It's hard not to panic over your first child.

The other mistake I made was Number 10 on this list which is trusting unreliable sources for information.  I was still science-orientated of course, but I wasn't nearly as well read as I am now as it relates to skeptically thinking.  I didn't do anything that jeopardized the safety of my child, but there were a few things I did or thought about doing that I would never do or even think about doing now.

One thing I did do, however, was make sure the car seat was properly installed.  It's not an easy task to do right and I cringe every time I see car seats installed incorrectly.  We even took our vehicle to a free car seat safety check and even they were impressed that the seat was installed correctly.  They stated that very, very few car seats are properly installed.

Anyways, take a look at this list, especially if your are a new parent or a soon to be parent.  It's an excellent read and you will learn something!

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