Monday, December 14, 2015

Tomorrowland - Movie Review

The other week after work my wife, kids, and I decided that it was a good night for a family dinner and movie.  We picked up pizza, stopped at the Redbox, and had a great evening.  The movie chosen for the night was Disney's Tomorrowland.  We all thought it was a good family movie and enjoyed it.

It gives an interesting view of what a future world might look like, but also serves as a frank reminder of our technological limitations.  For example, the boy in the movie builds a jet pack that has trouble staying stable.  Later, the boy, as an adult, has a stable jet pack.  One of the main principles behind a jet pack is Newton's Third Law.

For every action force there is an equal an opposite reaction force.

The jet pack has fuel and exhaust pipes.  Thrust out of the exhaust pipes pushes against the ground, and the ground pushes you up.  Once in the air, the thrust pushes against the air and the air pushes you forward.  Remaining stable on a jet pack is very difficult.  Due to the large forces involved, one tiny movement in the wrong direction and the jet pack sends you flying uncontrollably in the wrong direction, as shown in the movie, at least by the boy.

I'd love to have a jet pack to fly to work every day, but that's not a possibility and may never be.  Jet packs and hover boards, two things that the 1980s me was sure we'd have and be actively using by now!!!

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