Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Playing Scientist

The other day my wife had the kids and arrived home a few minutes before I did.  Both of my daughters were playing in yard when I pulled in and were excited to tell me what they were doing.  They were playing scientists!  They had picked up some acorns and other types of nuts that had fallen from the trees near where my wife works and were cracking them open.  They grabbed a hammer and carefully cracked open the nuts to see what they looked at inside.

It was very cool to see how excited they were.  They weren't pretending to be scientists.  They were actual scientists!  They were doing what scientists do every day which is investigate the world around them through observation.  This was a proud daddy moment for me!

Let me end by continuing to encourage everyone reading this to promote science and investigation in your kids' lives.  Buy them (or check out from the library for free) science experiment books.  For gifts get them a science related gift now and then.  Take them to science events or science museums near you.  Introduce science into their lives and they will take care of the rest!  It's that simple!

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