Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Magnetic Slime

Over winter break my kids and I finished making slime from a slime kit my 8 year old got for her birthday earlier in the 2015 year.  Our last type of slime to make was magnetic slime.  You make magnetic slime the same way as other slime, but then add magnetite, a naturally occurring magnetic mineral on Earth.  When mixed with the already created slime, the slime becomes magnetic, as shown in our video below.

As you can see the slime is not very strongly magnetic, but there's definitely a magnetic attraction force there.  I was using a weaker refrigerator magnet.  Had I one of the strong magnets from my lab at school it may have pick up the entire glob of slime.  My kids had a blast with making slime and were thrilled to see it's magnetic properties.  My 5 year old said it was her favorite type of slime yet!  

The moral here is you should go out and buy a slime making kit!  Your kids will love it!

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