Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome to 2016!!!

Welcome to 2016!!!  I'm not one who is big on New Year's resolutions.  These resolutions never pan out and it seems silly to arbitrarily define a day as a day to start something new.  I do, however, have some goals.  There are a few larger science experiments I'd like to complete with my daughters this year, most likely in the summer.  I want to build a potato gun.  Obviously there's a safety discussion to be had with this one, but they look very cool and there's much science involved.  I've talked about a potato gun before, but it's always been pushed off to the "do it later" list.  This year I want to put it on the "do it now" list.

The other big science experiment I'd like to do this coming summer is to build a pumpkin launcher.  Building a pumpkin launcher isn't all that difficult, at least from basic instructions I've found on the web.  Storing the pumpkin launcher, however, is another story.  My wife isn't too keen on the idea of moving her car out of the garage to store our pumpkin launcher.  LOL!

Will building these items happen this summer/year?  Maybe, maybe not.  I hope so, but maybe other things come up.  What I do know is that there will be many science experiments done this year with my daughters.  A year without science?  Yikes!  No way!!!

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