Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ranger Rick

I'm a big supporter of providing science opportunities to kids of all ages, but especially kids in elementary school.  This is where the love of science grows into adulthood.  There are several magazines out there that share science events with pre-school and elementary aged children.  I've shared several on this blog, including National Geographic for Kids, National Geographic for Little Kids, and Ask Magazine.  Another good option is Ranger Rick.  Ranger Rick shares wildlife science with kids in a fun and entertaining way.

I'll admit that we do not subscribe to this publication, mainly because we subscribe to several other publications and we have yet to win the Powerball lottery.  :-)  However, we do receive a complimentary issue now and then and looking through it, it's a great magazine and one we may subscribe to in the future to replace a different subscription.  

If money is an issue, as I just admitted it was for us, check out your local library.  It may very well offer this publication.  Ours does, as do several other libraries near us.  It's a common publication found in many public libraries so check yours.  Regardless of how you get a hold of a copy (legally of course!), you won't be disappointed.  

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