Monday, January 4, 2016

Turkey Hollow - Movie Review

A few weeks ago my wife and 8 year old were at a Girl Scouts' event so my 5 year old and I had the evening to ourselves.  We went out for dinner and rented a movie, Turkey Hollow, from Redbox.

I admit that I was pleasantly surprised with this movie!  It's a kid/family movie in which the "monsters" are puppets created by Jim Henson Studios.  Well done!  My 5 year old was a bit scared during a couple of parts as there's supposed to be this big scary monster roaming the forest.  However, you quickly realize that the big scary monster is not all its cracked up to be and, in fact, isn't all that big and scary.  I won't give any more away than that!  

Despite the few scary parts, my 5 year old really enjoyed it!  We had a blast eating cheese sandwiches together at a local gourmet cheese sandwich dive.  This was followed up with popcorn and a movie at home.  Great times!  Moral of this story?  Take advantage of opportunities such as this.  It's not often I get a night home alone with my 5 year old so I definitely wasn't going to let it slip by.  

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