Tuesday, February 21, 2017

ProPublica - Investigative Reporting

This post focuses less on science and more on critical thinking and evidence collection.  Critical thinking and evidence are of course very important in science, but they are just as important in news reporting.  Mainstream media sources have drastically cut their investigative journalism budgets and rely more and more on click bait and sensationalist news.  As a result consumers, you and me, are getting less and less information as each year goes by.  Fortunately there are a few investigative journalism organizations out there refusing to give up on critical thinking and evidence based reporting.  ProPublica is one of those organizations.


ProPublica is not a news source that publishes tens and tens of articles each day.  Their focus is on deep investigative journalism and telling the story that mainstream media sources (think CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews, etc.) won't make the effort to tell.  You can expect 1 to 2 quality articles on average per day and fewer on the weekends.  What they lack in quantity they more than make up in quanlity.  They are also expanding their journalism efforts too so what they publish may increase in quantity in the future.  

I'm tired of the click bait.  I'm tired of sensationalism.  I'm tired of news sources reporting random Twitter user tweets.  I want the truth and to get the truth investigative journalism is needed.  I encourage you to check out ProPublica, in particular if you are depressed and dismayed over the state of the mainstream news media today.

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