Thursday, February 2, 2017

Science Fair Project - Growing Bacteria Day 3

It's now Day 3, 72 hours since my 9 year old swabbed bacteria from different sources and set up the incubator to promote bacterial growth.  Here's where things stand:

Left:  Bathroom Sink.  Middle:  6 year old's mouth.  Right:  Floor

Left:  Dirty Cell Phone.  Middle:  Cell Phone Clean.  Right:  Cell Phone with Anti-Bacterial Soap

Left:  Doorknob.  Right:  Keyboard.

Continued bacterial growth all around for the most part.  Day 3 showed some interesting changes in bacterial growth from the cell phone swabs.  Notice there is bacteria growing from the cell phone swab after it was cleaned with an anti-bacterial cloth.  Interesting.  Not as much growth as the dirty cell phone, but growth none the less.  A couple of tiny colonies from the doorknob, but nothing from the keyboard which is interesting.  Tune in soon for Day 4 results!

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