Monday, February 6, 2017

Science Fair Project - Bacterial Growth Day 4

I made you wait a couple of extra days, but here is where my 9 year old's science fair project (Testing Bacterial Growth) stands after 96 hours.

Left:  Floor.  Middle:  6 year old's mouth.  Right:  Bathroom Sink

Left:  Dirty Cell Phone.  Middle:  Clean Cell Phone.  Right:  Dirty Cell Phone with Anti-Bacterial Soap

Left:  Doorknob.  Right:  Keyboard.

Continued bacterial growth across the board, aside from the keyboard which still shows no growth.  The bacteria from my 6 year old's mouth is very interesting with the appearance of a much larger colony that suddenly appeared overnight.  The other interesting thing observed is the bacterial growth in the petri dish with the dirty cell phone swab but with added drops of anti-bacterial soap.  The soap is not stopping the growth of bacteria!  

Tune in soon to see the final results after Day 5.  The dishes are starting to stink a bit so although we'd love to extend the experiment, it's time to toss these samples!

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