Thursday, February 9, 2017

Time to Brag!!!

This post is nothing more than me bragging about my 9 year old's recent accomplishment so if you'd rather not read about me bragging, close this page now.  If you're okay with me bragging for a bit, continue to read on!

If you're a reader of this blog you're aware my 9 year old is competing in her school's science fair.  For her project she decided to swab for bacteria from several sources and test the growth rate in Petri dishes.  She also tested anti-bacterial wipes and soap to see if they really do stop bacterial growth.  To see some of the results, go back a few days on the blog and take a look.  The results are quite cool!  Anyway, the science fair was held and my daughter was the grand prize winner of all projects in 3rd/4th/5th grades!!!  I am so happy for her and proud of the great effort she put in to this project!!!  She spent many hours getting the project set up and then monitoring and recording the results each day.  The smile and excitement on her face when her name was announced was priceless!!!

She advances on to the regional science fair in a couple of weeks.  On the way home from the school science fair she was already talking about a few changes and tweaks she wants to make before the regional fair.  As a parent promoting science I couldn't ask for anything more.  I'm not talking about the winning of the science fair.  I'm talking about the joy and excitement she has for science!  That is definitely priceless!!!

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