Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Solar Powered Eco House

If you're like us you spend the holidays traveling to the homes of different family members and end up having several Christmas get togethers.  Counting our own we had four this year!  At the fourth, my 9 year old received this for Christmas:

Super cool!  A Solar Powered Eco-House through the Smithsonian.  We've received Smithsonian science kits in the past and they have always been excellent so we have high hopes for this one.  She hasn't put it together yet as she's been busy with other science activities, including her science fair project for school.  Once she puts it together and we test it out I'll share our results.  

Before ending this post, I encourage you to check out other Smithsonian science kits.  There are several very cool ones they sell at reasonable prices.  A quick google search (link below) shows many different offerings.

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