Sunday, December 16, 2012

Lincoln Logs

Back in November I posted a few pictures of the Lego towers my daughters and I built.  If your kids get bored with Legos, try Lincoln logs.  My two year old has been into Lincoln logs lately.  We've had a set of Lincoln logs for awhile, but they haven't gotten much use.  Part of the reason for that is their location.  They were stored in a container in a closet and my kids usually go for the toys in their room first.  We recently re-organized the toy room and now the Lincoln logs are in a pull out, open, container on a shelf.  In other words, they are more easily accessible.  My two year old built the following "house" with her Mommy.

Pretty good if you ask me!  The next day my daughter kept asking me for something and I couldn't understand what she was saying.  She was getting quite frustrated at my inability to understand her.  Finally she pointed to the above Lincoln log house and I finally realized that she wanted me to help her build a new Lincoln log house!  This time, however, her definition of help was me handing her pieces while she put them together.  I was not allowed to place any piece!  Here was her creation.

Ok, so not the greatest house in the world, but the point is that she wanted to try it herself.  So remember, when you're playing with your kids, especially while building things, let them be creative and try things on their own.  Doing is the best way to learn!

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