Monday, December 31, 2012

Cereal Snob

Okay, I admit it, I'm a cereal snob.  I love cereal.  I eat a bowl of cereal nearly every morning for breakfast, and many nights I have a bowl of cereal as a snack.  My wife leaves me in charge of buying cereal at the store because I'm picky.  I have a list of approved cereals that she uses if she buys cereal, which is very rare.  I only buy cereal when it is on sale, but I rarely buy the store brand cereals.  They simply don't taste as good.  I find it a crime if there are less than 5 boxes of cereal in the house at one time.  I'll buy 10 - 20 boxes of cereal at time when I go cereal shopping.  That's just the way I am.

Above is a picture of the top of our fridge at home.  What you can't see are the cereal boxes hiding behind these, the cereal boxes in the cupboard, and the cereal boxes in the pantry.  In total, at the time of this picture, there were 18 boxes of cereal in the house.  But don't worry, none of it gets wasted.  My daughters love cereal just as much as I do.  I think it annoys my wife because she is not a cereal fan!  My 5 year old will sometimes down 2 full bowls of cereal in the morning before heading off to school!  

So why do I like cereal so much?  I'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with my upbringing as a kid.  Cereal was what I ate most mornings before school.  Not only did I eat cereal every morning, but I also read the back of the cereal boxes every morning.  It didn't matter if I had already read the box the day before, I'd read it again, and again, and again until the box was empty.  Many cereal boxes have games and/or facts written on the back, so they can be a great learning tool.  The great thing about this is that both of my daughters do the same thing every morning.  They each have to have a cereal box in front of them to look at and read!  I love it!  I'm convinced that cereal boxes helped me in my love of reading and I hope they'll do the same thing for my daughters.    

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